Marbury Group’s role as a partner to our clients typically involves research, strategy, planning and execution for all media aspects. This includes media planning, media buying, media relations, special events and assisting with corporate/community partners to support the campaign goals.

Our media services run the gamut from traditional media, digital offerings, event sponsorships, grass-roots marketing and sports marketing. Detailed reporting and recaps are provided to show campaign results and ROI per the established goals of each campaign.


Media Buying

Marbury Group begins each client engagement with a needs analysis. It is important to identify the core needs of the client, the targeted consumer, supporting demographics, and the specific goals of the intended campaign.

Following the needs analysis and discovery, we utilize various research tools to bolster the strategic perspective. Our research tool kit includes local and national surveys. With access to the best resources in media research, we can match our client’s needs, intended message, timing and budget to the best mediums for advertising.

All aspects of needs analysis, research, planning and budget are equally important to craft a media buy that is tactical, smart and functional for the client.

Research & Tools

Media research includes – Strata, Nielsen, Civic Science, Scarborough, Claritas, Media Audit, Media Monitors, Miller Kaplan, Marshall Marketing, Compuscore, and Hungerford

Client research includes – needs analysis, competitor investigation, regional and industry trends, and Google Analytics

Media Strategy

Build comprehensive media plans based on in-depth analysis to influence the desired audience for the call to action with proper regard to budget specifications

Media Planning

Facilitate an RFP process followed by assessment and decision-making for the best mix of media tactics to accomplish your marketing goals and campaign intentions.

Media Buying (Traditional & Digital Capabilities)

Negotiations for the most premium placement at the most efficient cost. Placements are booked and trafficked.

Sports & Events Marketing

Develop, coordinate and execute local customized events, for example: Black and Gold Pheasant Hunt with Brett Keisel, Don’s Appliance Ultimate Tailgate Challenge, and Pittsburgh Penguins Family Skate

Traditional Specialties

  • Out of Home Advertising (billboards, movie theaters, transit, malls, point-of-sale displays, etc.)
  • Radio
  • Broadcast & Cable TV
  • Newspaper & Magazine
  • Direct Mail
  • Grassroots / Gorilla Marketing
  • Event & Sports Marketing

Digital Specialties

  • Website Site Remarketing
  • Search Remarketing
  • Category & Interest Targeting
  • Social & Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Geo-Targeted Video
  • Mobile Advertising & Geo-Fencing
  • Text & Push Messaging
  • Geo Fencing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website / Landing Pages
  • Premium Network Banner Ads
  • Paid Search
  • Video Pre-Roll
  • App Advertising
  • Native Ads
  • IP Targeting
  • OTT


OTT, Digital & Social Marketing

Top-notch digital and social campaigns, with proper executions and a grassroots philosophy, are custom-crafted to make competitive budgets work hard. We drive sales and brand awareness to further the reach of your website. Marketing a product or brand with a targeted and integrated digital campaign is key to successfully reaching the desired audience. Our digital and social ideology is to connect your target audience directly to you as efficiently as possible.

Custom Digital Components

  • Social Media Campaigns - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat
  • Video Ads – Pre-Roll & In-Stream
  • Mobile Ads – Digital Coupons & Mobile-Geo-Fencing
  • Display Advertising
  • Online Auctions & Discount Deals
  • Integrated Content Partnerships
  • SEO
  • Web Development
  • Directory Listing Management
  • SEM - Google AdWords & Bings Ads
  • Yahoo & MSN Native Advertising
  • Gmail & Yahoo Mail In email Promotions
  • Display, Text & Social Remarketing
  • OTT
  • Premium News Networks - custom built network of targeting sites based on customers audience
  • Digital Sponsorships
    • Fixed Relevant Content Opportunities
    • Pencil/ Pushdown
    • Skins


Brand Strategy

Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most challenging steps in the marketing plan process. Let Marbury Group diagnose a comprehensive in-depth strategy to successfully deliver your overall marketing and sales solutions. Showcase your business’ unique competitive edge by accessing effective and efficient advertising, PR, and marketing resources. Your brand identity will be communicated, in multiple ways with frequency throughout the life of your business.

  • Do you have an authentic brand narrative?
  • Does your story match the experience?
  • Does your brand connect with today’s and tomorrow’s consumers?


Sports & Event Marketing

Sports Marketing

Marbury Group employees have over 15 years’ experience selling inventory directly from local, professional sports teams. The behind the scenes involvement has given us an in depth understanding of the benefits and opportunities within each team. We can guide clients to the most efficient opportunities and results. Click thumbnails to view full image.

Event Marketing

Marbury Group is willing and able to create and execute custom events. Whether it’s a grand opening, non-profit fundraising event, sampling or unique one-of-kind event our experience can be leveraged to bolster the success of your event. From a Pheasant Hunt in the great outdoors to a Fundraiser at an exclusive venue, we are ready and able to execute. Click thumbnails to view full image.


Design & Custom Creative

Create a perfect and compelling message or design to motivate your core customer to make a purchase, take an action or drive brand awareness. Check out our Portfolio


Co-Op Management

If you are a company that is involved in Co-Op Advertising, Marbury Group can deepen your bench for managing the macro and micro details of the process. Through current and past clients, we have in-depth experience in handling the complexities between the retailer and manufacturing chain. Whether your co-op needs carry 100% share, unlimited, or fixed co-op terms, Marbury Group will adeptly carry out the manufacturer requirements while keeping detailed tracking of your co-op budget from forecasting, projections and actual fiscal standings.

Marbury Group will craft an individualized process to manage and execute your unique co-op terms from start to finish.

  • Forecast Co-Op Budget Spending
  • Track Accruals
  • Design Co-Op Compliant Ad (traditional and digital)
  • Ad Pre-Approval
  • Execute Ad Campaign
  • Co-op Submission; Including All Required Documentation
  • Track Approvals

Co-Op Partners