Clients and Work For Review

Marbury Group has a well-rounded client-base. Our client’s fall into multiple industry verticals, including but not limited to: Automotive, Public Utilities, Oil & Gas, Health and Wellness, Political, Travel, Arts and Entertainment, Home Improvement, Higher Education, Food & Food Manufacturing, and Restaurants & Catering.

No matter the size of an account, we are always working hard on behalf of our clients. As an agency core value, we believe that the advertising and media budget demands care, integrity and transparency. Thus, our philosophy is to be your partner in advertising no matter how large or small the scope of work. We are a boutique style agency and therefore manage our clients in a personalized fashion with a cost-effective and flexible means to give you the individualized attention your business deserves.


Verticals of Expertise

  • Barter Network
  • Education and Training
    • College/Undergraduate
    • Graduate/Master’s Degrees
    • Professional Certifications
  • Energy & Utilities
    • Water treatment and Management
    • Natural Gas
  • Entertainment & Tourism
    • Boating/Riverboat
    • Events
    • Festivals
    • Convention Center
    • County Visitors Bureau
    • Hotel & Resort
    • Travel Agents
    • Restaurant-Bar + Music
    • Museum, Non-Profit
  • Financial
    • Investments
  • Food and Beverage
    • Catering
    • Restaurants and Food Service
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Production
    • Pet Food & Supplies
  • Government
    • Agriculture
    • Military
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Elections; Mayoral, County Executive, Judge, State Representative
  • Home Improvement
    • Residential and Venue Appliances
    • Residential Construction Materials
    • Residential Upscale Design
    • Paint Distribution
    • Mitigation
    • Professional Associations
  • Insurance
    • Personal (Life, Property, Auto, Health)
    • Children’s Programs
  • Legal
    • Criminal
    • Medical Malpractice
  • Mass Media
    • Magazine
    • National Newspaper
    • National TV Conglomerates
    • National TV Syndication Programs
    • National Radio Conglomerates
    • Media Company (radio) Events
    • Video Production Services
  • Medical
    • Chiropractic
    • Weight Loss
    • Non-Profit, Family Resources & Support Services
  • Non-Profit, Community Resources
    • At-risk youth
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Pet Shelter & Pet Medical Services
  • Sports
    • Sponsorship Deals; Professional Baseball, Hockey, Football, College Football, College Basketball
    • MMA
    • Professional Athlete Endorsements
    • Exclusive Events with Professional Athletes
    • Professional Soccer (USL)
    • International Champions Cup Soccer
    • Sports Complex
    • Celebrity Cruise
    • Retail/Sporting Goods
  • Transportation/Vehicles
    • Motorcycles; Domestic & Imports
    • Boat


Sample Client List


Creative Portfolio 

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TV Spots

Radio Spots

Waynesburg University MBA Degree

Service Master of Greater Pittsburgh

Shelley Duffy for Dr. Michael Vactor Weightloss

Brett Keisel for Boski Kielbasa