Media Planning & Buying

Marbury Group has over 20 years in media sales experience that has developed into an expert level in media planning and buying. Multiple research programs (media audit, civic science and more) are analyzed to create and execute precise, efficient and targeted campaigns. Custom strategies are created to successfully reach client’s target demographic and deliver the precise sales message. In addition to planning and buying, The Marbury Group provides a complete reconciliation on all campaigns to guarantee accurate execution and a profitable ROI. The Marbury Group’s buying expertise will streamline the media process and deliver the best possible value on a local or national media campaign.

The Marbury Group Media Audit subscription offers custom localized research analysis. The Most Comprehensive Media Audience Measurement and Consumer Intelligence in Today’s Changing Marketplace.

Local – Regoinal – National

The Media Audit is a multimedia, qualitative audience survey conducted annually or semi-annually in 80+ local U.S. markets, providing valuable insights for today’s changing consumer and media marketplace. Shopping information includes planned purchases, frequent/heavy users, stores shopped, and brands purchased across a multitude of consumer categories. Lifestyle information includes travel and leisure activities participation, from golf to gardening to restaurant usage.

The Media Audit’s local market surveys also measure exposure to radio, print, broadcast TV, cable TV, outdoor, and online usage, thus providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date source for media and consumer insights available today.

Marbury Group has also subscribed to research data from Civic Science. All Marbury Group clients can dig into their core demographics lifestyle data. Civic Science is a Pittsburgh based, nationally recognized digital polling and market prediction Company. Civic Science gathers and organizes the world’s opinions through short polls delivered all over the web and social sphere. Their Intelligent Question Engine™ captures and digitizes consumer opinion, creating real-time insights for advertisers, investors, and civic leaders.

Media Campaign:

Hard Rock Resorts – Outdoor Campaign – Los Angeles and Dallas